Putting It All Together

From Next-Generation Data Center

In the last section of the course we’ll yet again refocus on the big picture: how to combine all the pieces we’ve discussed during the previous weeks into an optimized data center infrastructure.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Modular pod-based design;
  • Inter-pod connectivity (transport core within and across data centers);
  • WAN connectivity;
  • Integration with public cloud;

Guest Speaker

The Spring 2017 course will conclude with an interactive panel discussion with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard from Gartner. We plan to discuss these topics:

  • Current State of the Enterprise Networking
  • What happened to SDN (and brite-boxes)
  • Premium people versus premium products
  • Network Incrementalism and other worst practices
  • Rethinking Network Downtime
  • The WAN is Cool again (SD-WAN, vCPE)
  • Emerging Topics: Container Networking and Intent-based Networking

More about Andrew Lerner

More about Simon Richard

Previous guest speakers

Mitja Robas (NIL Data Communications) implemented a production VMware NSX environment using overlay virtual networks and virtual appliances on top of Cisco UCS and Nexus 9000 infrastructure. In the Autumn 2016 course he described lessons learned, the obstacles he met, and the tools and components he used on that journey.

More about Mitja Robas

Self-study materials

If you haven’t watched them yet, now’s the time to watch:

You should also watch the presentation from Autumn 2016 session in which Mitja Robas explained how to run VMware NSX on top of Cisco EVPN infrastructure

Additional recommended materials

These Expert Express Case Studies cover WAN edge and security aspects. Plan to spend an hour per case study.

If you’re interested in the challenge of reducing forwarding table sizes, listen to these Software Gone Wild podcasts (each one is approximately an hour long):

Recordings of live sessions

Enterprise Networking Trends with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard

Deploying VMware NSX on Cisco Nexus 9000 with Mitja Robas

Whiteboard discussions